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For all her exploring and sightseeing, Kagome saw nary a soul. That was an oddity in itself. How could such a huge castle stay so clean without at least a dozen servants bustling about? Still, days of searching went by and the only living things she saw were Miroku and Sesshomaru. Both were rare sights.

Sesshomaru showed himself only for breakfast and only to ask how she fared, then was off. Kagome had attempted to follow him once, curious and adventuresome thing that she was, to see where he disappeared to for hours and hours on end, but he always seemed to vanish when rounding a corner or entering a room. Kagome had gotten very creative in the curses she let out in all her frustrations.
Miroku, she only saw when he came to serve her meals and again when he returned to take the dishes away. Kagome started slightly when Miroku came in with a tray of food, as if he had been summoned by her very line of thinking. She frowned at him, contemplating on whether or not she should outright ask him about the others in the castle. Miroku turned to her, an amused smile on his face.

“Dear me, it seems you are forever frowning at me. What have I done to earn your ire this time, Lady Kagome? I’ve kept my hands to myself as of late, at least I think I have. My mind grows foggy when I’m in your presence. Perhaps I am drunk off your beauty,” he teased setting down dishes. The savory smell of veal stew reached her nose in tantalizing waves. There were rolls dotted with nuts and raisins along with a small crock of butter as well. Stomach growling in demand at the delicious sight before her, Kagome went to the table to have a seat. Used to Miroku’s teasing by now, she ignored his flattery.

“The food in this place is marvelous,” Kagome sighed, breathing in the smells contently, though she eyed Miroku sidelong through her lashes. “Is it you who cooks it?” she said, in what she hoped was an easy tone.

Miroku raised a brow, not the least bit fooled by her ‘sly’ questioning. “Not at all,” he replied, pouring her a glass of milk. “For all my talents, and mind you-there are quite a few of them; I haven’t a lick of culinary skill.”

“Oh?” Kagome asked surprised. “Then who should I thank for my meals?”

“Come now, Lady Kagome. You are in a castle full of enchantments. Surely you can use your imagination a bit?”

“You mean this is magic food?” Kagome asked wide-eyed. She’d been hoping for another companion, but this thought was something marvelous in itself.
She narrowed her gaze at the violet eyed man as he began to laugh aloud.

“Ah, my lady, forgive me,” he said, now nearly doubled over. “I did not think you’d take me so seriously! No, my pearl, there is one other in this castle.” He wiped an eye, a huge grin still adorning that smug face of his.

“I’m surprised you haven’t seen her, for all your exploring. Yes, I know about it,” he said when she gaped at him. “For all the size of this place, not much happens in its walls without us knowing it. We are charged with its care after all. What good would we be if we could not keep track of one girl parading around?”

Kagome did her best to keep from scowling at the man, but from his grin, she knew she hadn’t been very successful. Why did this man love to irk her so?

“Well, master know-it-all,” she said with a sniff. “Then you should be able to tell me who this person is.”

“What? Tired of my company already? You wound me,” he said, feigning a hurt expression.

Rather than answer out right, Kagome pointedly gave her spoon a desperate look and shoved a spoonful of stew in her mouth. The mouthful was bigger than was polite, but her little joke was not lost on him.

“So cruel,” he muttered, holding a hand over his heart as though it hurt him.

“I do very much want to speak with her. Especially now that I know she’s a woman. I won’t have to worry about wandering hands while I am having a conversation,” she said with a sharp look, putting another spoonful of stew in her mouth. It really was very good.

“They’ve a mind of their own. They roam wherever they will and it is I who has to deal with the consequences of their actions. Such is the nature of my curse.”
Kagome rolled her eyes, though a small smile escaped her. This man was just too silly to take seriously.
Miroku took her silence as a hint and began speaking once more.

“I can only imagine the reason she hasn’t met you yet is because she doesn’t want to.”
Kagome’s brows furrowed together as she picked the seeds out of her roll thoughtfully. She quietly grew upset that she might have somehow offended the other woman. Did she have her sights set on Miroku and didn’t want to speak to her because of the flirting? Was she miffed that Kagome hadn’t sought her out to thank her for her labor earlier on?

“Now now,” Miroku said patting her shoulder soothingly. He retracted the well meaning hand, when she shot him with a distrustful gaze.

“Sango is… Well she is a very reserved person. It takes her a long while to warm up to a person. Give her time. She will make herself known to you sooner or later. Once you are in her good graces, she is one of the greatest friends you can ask for. Charming creature that you are, I’m sure you will earn her friendship faster than I did,” he said with a wink.

“Now, if you are done? I must get these dishes down to the kitchen. Sango is not the most patient of women and if she believes I am shirking my work she will give me a few knocks on the head.”

“Sounds like a sensible woman,” Kagome said with a teasing smile, letting him take her now empty bowl.

“Gods all protect me,” Miroku muttered under his breath. “I’ll pray you two never meet. I have a feeling I won’t live to tell anyone of it if you two were to join forces.”

Kagome giggled, watching him leave the room. Annoying as she often times found him, he really did know how to cheer her up. She was thankful she had at least one friend in this dreary place. Sesshomaru…Well, he was nice enough, but he was forever going. It was as if he thought he was doing her a favor hiding from her. Scary looking or no, she would have welcomed any sort of company at this point. She was felt that her loneliness was almost a tangible thing; pressing against her from all sides until she could scarcely breathe.

Rising from the table with a sigh, Kagome made her way to the library. Reading was one of the few things she could find to do that didn’t grow tedious. Weaving, gardening and the like busied her hands well enough, but her mind always wandered back to her own odd situation. She didn’t begrudge her promise exactly, nor did she have great love for it.
Choosing a thick tome of tales, she seated herself by a window and opened the crisp yellow pages. A flash of white startled her into looking up.

“Oh!” she breathed, when her eyes met crimson. “Sesshomaru! You aren’t- That is I thought you had left the castle for the day.”
His eyes lingered on the open book in her lap with an almost hungry look and…sadness? She couldn’t be sure.

“You will read aloud,” he said haughtily.

“Yes, master,” was her sarcastic remark. She sniffed when he gave her a look that could only be considered smug.

Still, it was nice having company for once. Quiet and strange though he was, Sesshomaru’s company was better than not at all. Making herself comfortable in her seat once more, Kagome smiled and began to read aloud. Sesshomaru followed suit, laying his great head on his front paws, watching her intently as the words poured from her lips. Not once during the reading did he interrupt with a comment or opinion. He simply watched.

After a few tales, Kagome’s voice began to crack from use. It was at this time that Sesshomaru rose gracefully to his feet and thanked her even going so far as to bow his head to her, much to Kagome’s surprise.

When he had gone, she remained in her cushioned seat by the window, gazing at the shelves and shelves of books. The sheer number told her that the owner had very much loved reading, but Sesshomaru had told her the castle had belonged to him when they’d first arrived hadn’t he?

If that was the case then perhaps he hadn’t always been a dog. Kagome tried to imagine what it was like not to be able to find comfort in the pages of a book for so simple a reason as not being able to turn a page. The thought was almost enough to bring tears to her eyes. Poor Sesshomaru…


Nestling herself deeper in her bed, Kagome let out a sleepy sigh of contentment. Stuffed with downy feathers, this bed was the softest thing Kagome had ever laid in. So cozy too...She had such a long day, that she almost drifted off to sleep immediately. A candle glowed in the corner of the room, emitting a warm and comforting glow. It’s very presence was strange though.

Usually any candles or lanterns she had vanished as soon as she laid her head on her pillow. She had it in her mind that it was the doing of her nightly guest. Maybe with the light she’d finally get to see his face…It would be nice to finally see the person she’d been sharing a bed with this whole time.

The door hinges groaned, as if her guest were summoned by her very thoughts. The breeze the door created sent the candles flames guttering, casting eerie shadows on the walls. Kagome’s stomach knotted in apprehension. She wasn’t fond of the shadows in this place. Always showing up in places they had no right to be and beckoning her in a queer fashion.

A shadow fell over her form as a figure stood in the doorway. Suddenly fearful, Kagome shut her eyes, feigning sleep. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest as she heard long steady footsteps nearing the bed. She felt the bed dip deeply as the person laid out next to her like they did every night.

Why she didn’t open her eyes, she couldn’t begin to say. The identity of her midnight guest was a mystery that plagued her night and day. Neither Sesshomaru nor Miroku would answer her questions no matter how she begged. Now that she was so close to finding out who he was for herself, she could not bring herself to pry her eyes open. A sense of foreboding so strong filled her that it almost robbed her of her breath.

You’re being stupid!, she told herself almost furiously. It’s just a man. You felt his face the first night he stole into your bed like some letch. Just a man…Just a perverted man who can’t find his own bed, that’s nothing to be scared of. Souta would call you a baby if he saw you now.
The thought annoyed her so much that she opened her eyes then and there…to be greeted by the sight of a shoulder. Kagome huffed with irritation, both with herself and the situation she was in. It was a normal enough looking shoulder, a little big mayhap, but not the shoulder of some creature. Steeling herself, Kagome craned her neck upwards slowly.

Just a man

Just a man…

Her breath caught in her throat when her eyes finally met his face.

“Oh,” Kagome breathed, bringing a trembling hand to her lips. In the place where his face should have been was a large gaping black hole.
She watched in terror as the face turned to her. His hand reached out to touch her. She screamed.
Kagome bolted up from her bed. Her breathes came in ragged and shuddering gasps, sweat rolled off her body in sheets. Her eyes shot to the candle…only to find it wasn’t there.

The room was much brighter than it had been only moments before. The light that brightened the room streamed in steadily from the windows, not from the flicker of a flame. Kagome’s face scrunched in confusion. Braving a look to her side, she was relieved to see the bed was empty save herself.

A dream.

It had all been a dream
Chapter 5
“Good morning lady Kagome,” Miroku said with a smile as Kagome walked into the sitting room. “I trust you slept well?”
Kagome wondered suspiciously if the stranger had been Miroku after all. Taking a seat at the table, Kagome crossed her arms and observed him with a stern gaze.  He raised a brow at her, but didn’t look like he was up to any mischief nor did he look guilty.
“And what have I done to deserve such a harsh look from my lady? You aren’t still sore about the bath joke are you? I was only teasing after all,” he said as he laid a basket of glazed pastries on the table. He’d hope that wasn’t it, or else he’d be in for a dull time. What was the use of having another person around if he could not even have a bit of fun.
“Were you the one that crawled into my bedroom last night?” Kagome asked bluntly. She watched carefully as his eyes widened just the tiniest bit before he schooled his features back into its usual playfulness.
“No my lady, perhaps you were dreaming of me. I do have that effect on women and if you are missing my presence so much I would be more than happy to spend my nights by your side.” His words were just a little too forced and a little too hurried for her liking.
“No, please don’t. There is a chance I imagined it, I was exhausted after all.” There was no way Kagome had imagined that man in her bed last night, but if Miroku was so determined not to talk about it then Kagome would leave it be… for now anyways.
Miroku didn’t exactly run away after their conversation, if one could call it that, but it was something similar to that. Everything about his posture screamed ‘I’m busy right now! Please don’t bother me with crazy questions that I wouldn’t possible know the answers to anyway.’
Kagome chewed on roll of bread thoughtfully as she thought over Miroku’s strange behavior. What was the big deal anyways? All he had to do was tell her that the man had gotten the wrong room. There was nothing wrong with making a simple mistake…right?
Now that she thought about it, he had looked a little frightened when she had questioned him. Why was that? Miroku had really wanted her to forget it and pretend like it hadn’t happened. Was it because he would get into horrible trouble with Sesshomaru? He couldn’t be so cruel as to punish Miroku for such a simple mistake…could he? Sesshomaru had be kind to her in making sure she was comfortable and he had made sure that her family was happy as well, but could it all be a front? Was he tricking her and for what possible reason? What could he possibly gain from having her in the first place?
She sighed in exasperation as she listlessly stirred her porridge. All of this was really starting to frustrate her. Her life had been so simple before she encountered the giant talking dog-who may or may not be cruel- with silver castles and healing magic, but for the life of her she couldn’t come to regret coming here. Her mother’s life was what mattered most here and if Sesshomaru really did turn out to be cruel then who was to say he wouldn’t take that life back? No, she would not take that chance. She would stick it out here and stick it out here and try to figure out what Sesshomaru wanted from here and if she could, she would try to figure out what was frightening Miroku so much.
Miroku breathed a little easier once he set down his empty trays in the safety of the kitchen. Kagome was proving to be a bit more cunning and stubborn than he had originally anticipated. If only for her sake, he hoped she let the manner of the stranger in her bed alone. In fact, he hoped she’d leave everything as it was and take his word when he said it would be better if she didn’t know. Alas, he knew this kind of woman.
He jerked slightly when he felt slender arms wrap around his waist. He stiffened further when he heard that all too familiar laugh.
“Kagura, remove yourself from me at once,” he said through gritted teeth. She laughed all the more but released him just the same.
“Now now, is that any way to speak to a lady? Especially one who has been so kind as to let you work for me when you have broken my heart so?” she smiled smugly as she leaned against the counter with her arms crossed over her chest. She was still as beautiful as ever but the only thing he wanted to do to her was strangle her.
“I would appreciate it if you kept your benevolence to yourself, my lady.” The smile she gave him this time was a cruel one.
“Now don’t you worry your pretty head, I only need to talk about the girl. Have a seat,” she ordered.
“No, I am quite –uff!” he said as she pointed her finger at him, her powers forcing him to the ground. He glowered fiercely as he felt his words die in his mouth as well. ‘Witch,’ he thought contemptuously as her magic continued to work through him, locking him in place and keeping him from speaking.
“I just had an enlightening visit with the girl’s family.”
“Mpff!” Miroku cried through clenched lips as his eyes widened in alarm.
“Relax, they are unharmed,” she said rolling her eyes. “They don’t even realize what I am, but I did learn a lot about our little Kagome,” her ruby eyes shining with anger and determination. He watched with wary eyes as she gracefully made her way to him.
“Mmm!” he exclaimed as she yanked his hair painfully, forcing him to look into her heated gaze.
“I warn you Miroku, you tell the little wretch anything about how this deal works and I will make sure you suffer for it. Am I clear?” Miroku glared at her but hummed in compliance. She smirked at him before throwing his head back, the force nearly knocking him over. “Remember what I have said Miroku. I won’t be as kind to you as I was in the past.” With that she melted into the shadows and was gone.
Miroku gasped as he was suddenly released from Kagura’s spell. He stood quickly and looked about for something, anything to distract himself and to still the fine tremors in his hands. Remembering the trays he’d brought with him, he set to wiping them down with a rag. He cursed under his breath at his suddenly clumsy movements. Miroku loathed the fact that Kagura had this affect on him.
“Miroku, I need you to- What happened?” Sango cut off, entering the kitchen. Miroku refused to meet her questioning gaze. She’d know immediately what had come to pass if he did.
“Miroku?” Sango called again, this time much softer. “What’s wrong?”
“Everything will be fine, my love. Why don’t you prepare for an early lunch? Our guest could use a good meal,” he said half-heartedly. He gave a start when he felt her hand on his back. He hadn’t even heard her approach.
“You’re shaking,” she said frankly. She then wrapped her arms around him in a rare show of affection. Miroku idly wondered if he looked as surprised as he felt. Usually she was fending off his advances. He did a poor job indeed of hiding his fears if Sango though he needed a steadying embrace. He gave a humorless chuckle when he realized he did need it. He wanted her to erase the memory of Kagura’s touch from his mind. He needed to be close to his beloved…
Miroku gave the hands on his stomach a squeeze before removing them from his waist. He turned just in time to see the hurt in her eyes. Silly thing. Did she really think he would pass up the few times she was willing to be in his arms? Miroku smiled then pulled her into his arms wordlessly. He shut his eyes tight and buried his face in her hair, reveling in her warmth. It had been so long since they’d allowed themselves a moment.
Her long elegant fingers wound themselves into his hair and he felt his heart began to do curious things. Such simple actions on her part and yet he couldn’t help but become completely charmed by her every move. The very smitten lad was he.
Wholly overwhelmed by the abrupt wave of feelings, he began nuzzle her collar bone with the tip of his nose. Affection came easily to him, and he gave no second thought to the impulse, but Sango immediately became a statue in his arms. He frowned, knowing he erred and the moment was over.
“Miroku,” Sango began sternly, stepping out of his arms, and out of reach. “You know we can’t”
“I hadn’t really thought as far as that, my dear heart. It seems to me that you’ve spent too much time in my company if your mind takes you such ill mannered places.”
“This isn’t a joke, Miroku!” she shouted, suddenly looking furious.
“No,” he agreed easily. “But I’d rather treat it as such, than having you treat me like a villain.”
Her eyes shown over bright. He knew his words had cut her badly, but it was the truth. They couldn’t go on forever with her acting as though his every touch would burn the castle down around them.
“I have to see to our guest,” he murmured-leaving her to her own devices. He prayed to every god he could name that Kagome would truly be the one to end the curse once and for all. He wasn’t sure how much more heartache anyone in the castle could endure without shattering to pieces.
Her midnight guest long since forgotten, Kagome spent her morning exploring her new home. She was aghast with all the splendor she had seen. In addition to the many more chambers, much like her own, she had spied; a music room with instruments she could never hope to name, a sitting room- one that she supposed noble ladies spent their time embroidering in, a laundry room with a great many bronze tubs in it. There had also been a room full of weaving looms and spinning wheels for thread and yarn. She’d also seen an armory, the only interest that held for her was the long bows that were so long in length, she had no hope of ever drawing them.
And last, but Kagome thought it the most splendid of all, was the library. She’d thought there were a great number of them in her room, but that was nothing compared to the vast number of shelves filled with many leather bound books. She felt just as nervous as she was giddy, stepping into the room. The likes of her didn’t dare touch books as fine as this at home, much less read them.
It was true that Kagome had the ability to read, but that was a rarity all in its own. Her family was a hunting one before her papa had died. He had brought in enough game to feed his own family as well as sell it to neighbors to profit from. He fletched arrows, and even carved bows of his own to sell when he could spare the time. Reading wasn’t needful, nor was money plentiful enough that they could afford books-a costly thing to own in such a small village. That being what it was her family had never bothered to learn. It had been that way for ages. The only reason she even knew how to read at all was because a kindly priest had wandered into their village and taken refuge under her family’s roof. In payment for his stay, he taught Kagome her letters and the useful skill of reading.
Kagome was very grateful to that priest. It was because of him that Kagome was able to get a small job working for the village healer after her father had died. The old woman had been getting on in years and could scarce see the written words even if she held the book to her nose. For a few coins, Kagome had read to her and sought out the plants described in that book. She taught Kagome something of poultices and ointments when she wasn’t so busy with her customers and even taught her to make her own herbal soaps and charms. When she had passed on, she left the book in Kagome’s care.
That book had been one of the very few items Kagome held dear in her heart. She felt sorry for herself in not having thought of grabbing it before Sesshomaru had whisked her out the door. The book wasn’t nearly as fine as these of course, but she had loved in none the less. Kagome shook her head, a rueful smile playing at the corners of her lips. She could sit her with all her wishfulness and heartfelt sighs, but she’d be no closer to her home.
Determinedly trying to make the best of her situation, she thrust those thoughts out of her mind. She’d figure out a way home later, but for now she would try her best to enjoy her stay in an enchanted castle. Kagome returned her gaze to the leather bound novels before her and set to examining the titles on the spines.
The shelf before her seemed to be dedicated to books about music and the history of it. Kagome pulled out a book at random and quickly leafed through it. This particular one happened to be on reading the notes of sheet music. Puzzled by the complexity-at least in her mind- of the notes she soon grew enraptured by the how’s and the why’s depicted. So fascinated was she, that she started terribly when she saw the shadow of a hand reaching towards her own shadow on the shelf before her. The book slipped from her hand and clattered to the floor with a heavy thunk.
“I’m sorry!” she said hurridly as she twirled.
Kagome was startled to see that she had been talking to air. There was no one there! But she had clearly seen…
She turned back to the shelf and nearly jumped out of her skin. The strange shadow was still there, grasping furiously at her own as if trying to garner her attention. Well it had it!
‘Ghost!’ her mind cried as she turned and ran for dear life. Kagome had never really considered herself a coward-she’d marched right up to Sesshomaru after all! And him being the most frightful looking creature she’d ever encountered. Still, there was such eeriness about that shadow creature. She couldn’t help but feel there was something very very wrong about it.
Back in the safety of her chambers, she slammed the door shut and leaned against it with a heavy sigh.
So much for enjoying her stay.
The Witch's Curse ch5
I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long. My life is a bit crazy at the moment.
Remember when I promised I would get back to writing it as soon as my beta emailed those chapters back to me? (no? well that's what happened.)
Well, her computer ended up going haywire and completely crashed on her. Everything from her harddrive was erased and I had to resend the last five chapters to her. She is going to try her hardest to get those chapters to me as quickly as possible, but I ask that everyone please be patient as she does lead an extremely busy life.

And I realized exactly how much of a horrible person I am for not updating in 6 months. Grr.  Believe me, I feel awful for doing that but I had a lot of family and school issues as well as going through a bout of depression. BUT I'm all better now and I am ready to get back to writing!OMG MOAR POEMS! .......As soon as I get those chapters back!
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